Welcome to Happy Valley - Featured Partner of the Month

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Vibrant and quaint, Smith Street in Collingwood, perfectly encapsulates everything Melbourne is exactly about.
Bustling chatter and movement, accompanied by slow rumbles of trams, with a plethora, diverse choice of cuisine, nestled amongst both unique, grungy stores and common, popular brands. 

Amidst the Melbournian treasures located on Smith Street, lives one of a kind, Happy Valley. An exciting design/book/art shop, Happy Valley stocks a wonderful, large range of art prints, books and cool designs with many brands proving unique, unable to be found anywhere else in Australia - including Proof Eyewear.  

Owner, Chris Crouch (previous owner of Polyester Records, Candle Records and The Tramway Hotel), speaks to us about the eclectic store, having just opened 18 months ago. 

Having had the opportunity to speak to him, Chris answers a few questions for us: 

1. How long have you been in business?

Happy Valley has been open 18 months

2. Number of locations?


3. Give us a quick history about your store.

I always wanted to do a book/design/art shop near where I live

4. Give us one mind blowing fact about your shop.

Before Happy Valley the shop before sold books, and the shop before also sold books. So for the past 3 businesses in the same space have sold books.

5. What are your most popular items?

Books, ceramics, candles and wallets

6. Where can we find you on your lunch break?

At Smith Street Alimentari three doors down

7. What song best describes your shop?

That's a hard one, let's just say any song by Sufjan Stevens

8. Who’s your employee of the month? Why?

Cailan Burns. He's the best and customers love him

9.  Describe your typical customer..

We get a lot of locals from around Collingwood, Fitzroy and Northcote but also plenty of visitors from interstate and overseas. Like the shop itself we get an eclectic mix

10. Why is Proof a good fit in your store?

We love timber here. We have so much timber. So Proof timber products fit right in!

Working alongside employee of the month, Cailan Burns (as pictured above), it isn't hard to see why customers from interstate and overseas flock to Happy Valley for their dose of captivating ceramics and candles, or exclusive books and one of a kind items - with Proof Eyewear, and our timber products fitting right in, into a place self-described as "the perfect place to discover something new and interesting." 

Eccentric, quirky, and ever so loveable, Happy Valley is definitely one of Melbourne's hidden gems, which is why we are happy to make them our featured partner of the month.

Well worth the visit at 294 Smith Street, Collingwood. Make sure to let them know we've sent you their way. 




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Welcome to Happy Valley - Featured Partner of the Month
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