El Salvador Project

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A few months ago, a tidal wave hit the coastline of El Salvador burying the homes of 19 families. Weeks ago, our US partners at Proof Eyewear started multiple projects within the community including teaching proper health practices, boosting moral with the children, laying the foundation for the new homes of the 19 families & more.

To help contribute, Proof Eyewear US donated 100% of their limited edition wooden sunglasses proceeds to the El Salvador Project.

Volunteers at Proof Eyewear US went to Loma Del Muerto in Sonsonate, El Salvador with Help International to teach the community how to make banana bread in the community oven and create a new business opportunities for the people there.

Thanks to Help International, Ventanitas De Luz and Proof Eyewear Us, 800 children received vision screenings in San Miguel, El Salvador.

Unfortunately we can not stop natural disasters like the devastation caused in El Salvador. But, with a little bit of help, we are able to help prevent further devastation and help change lives for the better.

Thank you to all who made this possible through their purchases of Proof Eyewear.

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El Salvador Project
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