Choosing the Perfect Proof Eyewear For You!

Posted on by Tamera V

Proof Eyewear Family

Welcome to the Proof Family! You have finally decided to take the "Proof" plunge, but unsure on which style/size/color to purchase? Not to worry! We have come up with our very own guide to help you pick the right one for you. 

What is Your Face Type?

The Oval
A perfect shape for a square, rectangle frame. Try the Eco Loom Yellow Tortoise or Provo Stained Bamboo Kush.

The Square 
We have a great couple of choices for your shape. Keep in mind - slimmer and lighter frames are best for you. You can go for the smart chic look of the Loom Black in the Eco Collection or for a "sunnier" look check out Pledge Transition frame

The Heart
A heart shape face needs a balanced, basic frame - and we have just the ones! Chaplin Yellow Tortoise and Chaplin Black

The Round
Here is your chance to be daring and eccentric, your face demands bold style and fun colours! Give Bogus - Bamboo and Red a go or if you are need a optics go for the Boise in Natural Bamboo.

The Oblong
The rounder and squarer, the better for your face. We have a ton of options for you but these are some of our personal fabs. Have a look at our awesome Bogus Lacewood in Grey and Bird Two Tone in Grey

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Choosing the Perfect Proof Eyewear For You!
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