What a workshop!

Posted on by Tamera V

This is a call out to all of Australia’s surfers, surf enthusiasts, surfboard builders and wood or timber fanatics. Tree to Sea Australia is a remarkable business that is helping surfers to reduce their environmental footprint the good old-fashioned way. Tree to Sea Australia runs three day workshops in Victoria where you can build your own wooden surfboard from scratch. The workshop was first developed by American Rich Blundell who lives by the philosophy “share the knowledge”. This philosophy sent him to Australia in 2011 to run the first Australian workshop that has now grown into many in demand workshops run by Gary Miller and Robert Ivers. The awesome part about these workshops is that anyone at any age and from any background can take part in the course. You don’t need any previous wood work experience or surfboard building skills. The guys at Tree to Sea Australia will be there to guide you through the step-by-step process until you have completed your board. You will also go home with the complete knowledge and skills to be able to build more surfboards at home. How’s that for bang for your buck? The surfboards you make in this workshop are environmentally friendly. All of the wood used to make the surfboards are sourced and sustainably harvested from Australian plantations of Paulowina timber, and some recycled Cedar is used for the centre stringers. The only non-environmentally friendly materials used are the glues and the fin boxes. No resins, foams or fibreglass are used on the surfboards as the unique designs of the boards don’t require it. Only eco-friendly natural wood is used to make the most attractive and unique surfboards for the sea. Now you can wipe out on the waves without wiping out the environment.Visit www.treetosea.com.au for more info, news and updates.

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