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  • iPhone Cases Now Available - Limited Quantities
    iPhone Cases Now Available - Limited Quantities

    Great News! Check out our latest additions to the Proof Eyewear online store - brand new iPhone cases (perfect for 4s and 5). Available in two colours: zebra and walnut. Check them out here! Limited Stock, Get in Quick.  P.S. - All cases are made from 100% sustainable wood and waterproof.  

  • Polarised vs. Non-Polarised. What's the difference?
    Polarised vs. Non-Polarised. What's the difference?

    When you hear the word "Polarised", what's the first thing you think about? Protection! While most of our lenses are polarised, all of them are guaranteed to offer 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays. It's almost safe to say that Polarised is become somewhat of a "buzz word", making people feel better about what sunglasses they are wearing. In fact, most sunglasses have some form of "protection", but not all have high level protection. Damage to the eye from UV rays is ongoing, so it’s important to wear sunglasses that offer this protection from early on. Our polarised lenses are designed to eliminate 99% of glare...

  • SNEAK PEEK : Back to Wood Autumn 2014
    SNEAK PEEK : Back to Wood Autumn 2014

    The leaves might not have dropped yet, but we are about to drop some new Proof frames for A/W 14. Proof Eyewear originated itself as one of the purveyors in handcrafted wooden eyewear and this new launch means its BACK TO WOOD. Over the past year, we have seen amazing success with the newest eyewear designs -  the Donner, Scout and Sawtooth, but with great design comes evolution and we are so psyched to release the brand new phase of these designs. Along with new additions, we are bringing back a long awaited classic, but in a whole new way! Our Hayburn...

  • The Sawtooth Is Here!
    The Sawtooth Is Here!

    We are very excited introduce the sophisticated "Sawtooth" to our ECO Collection. This is great new because as we have been moving into all the mediums of glasses that are eco friendly and recyclable. This is our first frame using metals and our cellulose based plastic acetate. It is fully recyclable frame that is also fully adjustable too! It is a piece that fits well on all faces as the adjust-ability makes it easy to fit to each individuals face. We are very proud to once again make strides and continue to push the brand. The Sawtooth Tiger come polarised...

  • Are You Protecting Your Eyes?
    Are You Protecting Your Eyes?

     As the temp dips down low (brrrr) and the longest days of the year are upon us, "Old Man Winter" is finally settling in and sometimes he can be sneaky... You may feel less heat from that winter sun - but don't be fooled! Those sunglasses you bought last summer are just as important now. The sun's rays can still do serious damage to your eyes - whether you live in snowy slopes or scenic beaches. The winter sun sits lower in the sky - and at a different angle -than during warmer seasons. "That actually gives you more exposure...