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  • The Ada
    The Ada

      The much-loved Ada Wooden Sunglasses have made a return to Proof Eyewear. Along with the classic Ada Yellow Tortoise Polarised, we are excited to announce our newest look for the Ada – The Ada Black Tortoise Polarised. These looks are perfect for the Australian festival season, as they bring a chic, classic look to any outfit. With countless Summer festivals on the way, it would be hard not to get your hands on a pair of the Ada Yellow or Ada Black. Not only are the Ada’s one of Proof Eyewear’s most popular style, but also they are also...

  • Polarised vs. Non-Polarised. What's the difference?
    Polarised vs. Non-Polarised. What's the difference?

    When you hear the word "Polarised", what's the first thing you think about? Protection! While most of our lenses are polarised, all of them are guaranteed to offer 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays. It's almost safe to say that Polarised is become somewhat of a "buzz word", making people feel better about what sunglasses they are wearing. In fact, most sunglasses have some form of "protection", but not all have high level protection. Damage to the eye from UV rays is ongoing, so it’s important to wear sunglasses that offer this protection from early on. Our polarised lenses are designed to eliminate 99% of glare...