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  • The Sawtooth Is Here!
    The Sawtooth Is Here!

    We are very excited introduce the sophisticated "Sawtooth" to our ECO Collection. This is great new because as we have been moving into all the mediums of glasses that are eco friendly and recyclable. This is our first frame using metals and our cellulose based plastic acetate. It is fully recyclable frame that is also fully adjustable too! It is a piece that fits well on all faces as the adjust-ability makes it easy to fit to each individuals face. We are very proud to once again make strides and continue to push the brand. The Sawtooth Tiger come polarised...

  • Winter Warmers
    Winter Warmers

    If you are like us and wish it was Summer 2013/14 already, raise your hand!  You are probably wishing you could bask in the sun wearing your favourite sunnies right about now. Well, we can't exactly bring the summer sun to you BUT, we can offer you up some hot hot sunnies that will definitely transport you to a summery place.  Here is the ultimate training, super charge pack, featuring our Ontario Ebony Fire sunnies, courtesy of our friends at Watermelon Crush. 

  • Choosing the Perfect Proof Eyewear For You!
    Choosing the Perfect Proof Eyewear For You!

    Welcome to the Proof Family! You have finally decided to take the "Proof" plunge, but unsure on which style/size/color to purchase? Not to worry! We have come up with our very own guide to help you pick the right one for you.  What is Your Face Type? The Oval A perfect shape for a square, rectangle frame. Try the Eco Loom Yellow Tortoise or Provo Stained Bamboo Kush. The Square  We have a great couple of choices for your shape. Keep in mind - slimmer and lighter frames are best for you. You can go for the smart chic look of the Loom...